Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who are you and what do you do?

2.   What are the advantages of using your Disco service?

3.   How experienced are your DJ's?

4.   Will the music be any good?

5.   Can I chose tracks that I want to be included in my disco?

6.   Do I need a Public Performance Licence?

7.   What equipment do I need?

A broadband internet connection of at least 1 meg, PC, amplifier and speakers. The minimum specifications for the PC should be...

800MHz CPU
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later
Internet Explorer 7 or later
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or later
or an equivalent specification of Apple Mac

As this is a real-time service, the discos may require a higher specification machine if you have other software installed and running, or may run on lower specification machines.

The discos will also run on the latest version of Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Opera browsers.

We also recommend that you do not use your PC for any other activities while playing a disco, and ensure any automatic software updates, virus scans or backups are not scheduled to occur during the disco.

8.   How big should my amplifier be?

9.   How big and powerful should my speakers be?

10. Will my Broadband connection be fast enough?

11. I have a download limit on my Internet service, will I exceed it?

12. I'm not an expert with computers - how easy is it to set up a disco?

13. What do I do if my PC doesn't work with your discos?

14. What's this thing called Java I have to install on my PC?

15. How do I install Java?

16. How do I connect my PC to an amplifier?

17. What happens if my broadband fails during the disco?

18. Is there someone I can call for help?

19. What happens if there are any problems during my disco?

20. Why can't I book more than 90 days in advance?

21. If I cancel, will I get my money back?

22. If I book a disco and no-one likes the music, what do I do?

23. Do you supply a full Mobile Disco?